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eFlip Standard for iPad

  • eFlip Standard for iPad is a windows application for you to create modern attractive digital flipping book from traditional pdf document. It has user-friendly operation interface and more powerful new functions. A number of free flipbook templates and themes are available to you in our software.
  • For Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
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eFlip Standard for iPad is a nice desktop software which enables you to create flash flippingbook with page-turning effect from PDF file. Now you are able to create engaging flip books which enables you to flick it just like a real magazine whose contains text, web links, image and so on.


eFlip Standard for iPad Screenshots


eFlip Standard for iPad Screenshots


eFlip Standard for iPad is easy to use for everyone and it does not require any professional skills or other third party softwares. It provides you with 5 free online publication storage so that you can publish your flipping book online and share with others. Moreover, you are also able to expand your readers through Android app by flipbook App builder.


eFlip Standard for iPad also enables you to customize your own style flipbook theme if you don’t like the built-in themes. You can just replace the background image and change the button color, tool bar color, font color in order to make the whole interface better and beautiful. In addition, it supports to output flipping book in html, zip, exe, app and fbr.



Product Features

  • 1.Free lifetime customer service
  • 2.Support to output html,exe,zip,app
  • 3.Button layout setting; Button style setting
  • 4.Customize your own style flipbook theme
  • 5.Allow to set book title, window font, font color
  • 6.Adjust page shadow position and size
  • 7.Dynamic flipbook scenes are available
  • 8.Enable to change the icon color, font color and tool bar color
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